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As progress is made in this world, only too often are old remedies and treatments are forgotten.

The whole world is full of electrical current naturally with humans sharing the same frequencys, whilst everything is now required to be wireless. This ultimately means that humans are being exposed to many different electrical fields on a daily basis. Most of the man-made electrical fields operate at different rate to that of our bodies, thus causing potential damage. Our homes too are now in this danger zone through wireless HI-FI, smart meters, Wi-Fi and many others. Cell phone masts are a danger to us also. The difference in these electrical fields are making us humans ill and unable to function correctly. Here we aim to correct this balance, and promote good health by remaining in the earths correct energy bands. Many politicians state that these frequencys are safe, but the truth is no real research has been completed in pursuit of the dollar. Find out how best to protect your family and pets in your own home as we reveal several answers and products that wont cost you the earth.